Access, Equity, & Impact: The Story of CLASS 2nd Edition

Access, Equity, & Impact: The Story of CLASS 2nd Edition
Impacting the Classroom
Access, Equity, & Impact: The Story of CLASS 2nd Edition

Jun 07 2022 | 00:36:51

Episode June 07, 2022 00:36:51

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Marnetta Larrimer

Show Notes

In today’s episode of Impacting the Classroom, you’ll hear about exciting news coming to the world of quality assessment and improvement. In March, Teachstone announced an enhancement to its tool, the CLASS assessment tool. CLASS 2nd Edition will be available starting this next school year. 

Today’s guests are two members of the team that helped bring the vision of CLASS 2nd Edition come to life, Grace Funk, Teachstone’s Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives, and Katie Twilley, Director of Product Management: Assessment and CQI. Listen to the episode to learn what’s new in CLASS 2nd edition, find out their favorite parts of the new CLASS, and discuss how it will make a difference for children and educators.


Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • [00:00:26] CLASS 2nd Edition
  • [00:00:43] Today’s guests
  • [00:01:06] What CLASS is and what it’s for 
  • [00:01:57] What’s new about CLASS second edition
  • [00:05:31] Favorite things about CLASS second edition
  • [00:10:00] Separating the class manual into a manual set and field guide 
  • [00:12:45] FCC Videos
  • [00:16:20] Observer supports that are being launched into the field
  • [00:19:10] Addressing biases
  • [00:21:04] The catalyst for the 2nd edition of CLASS
  • [00:25:37] How CLASS 2nd edition will make an impact



Marnetta Larrimer

Darlene Estes-Del Re

Grace Funk

Katie Twilley

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